Mallory Runs Away

Photos & stories from the places I run to and from.
(All photos are taken by myself, unless stated otherwise)

I’m gonna start posting California soon but here are some Disneyland selfies I forgot i had on my phone



Ran over to Sourdough Saloon, to do the SourToe Cocktail. 

Basically, that thing on the salt? That’s a real human toe. Petrified and saved in salt. We paid $5, were given a glass with a shot of Yukon Jack in it, and wandered over to the table, where we were given a captains hat and had it plunked in our glass. 

At which point we knocked back our glass, kissed the toe and were handed our certificate of completion. 

I can’t make this shit up.  I don’t know if ANYTHING else I do in life will out weird this moment of my life. 

Update, someone swallowed the fucking toe.

What? Seriously? HOW?

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